Founder & CEO


All my life I have been drawn to birds and animals particularly wild ones. Though I was born and brought up in the concrete jungles of Jammu and Kashmir state of India which is so called paradise on earth. Earlier I have a post graduate degree in radiation sciences but in my adult years I have gravitated to wild jungles, natural places and to the large charismatic creatures that live here.

A decade ago, looking for a hobby I bought a basic digital camera and I focused on night landscape photography. Shooting Landscapes during the night can make a stunning photos. I was overwhelmed by the cameras ability to capture the most minute details and the most intense colors. A few years later I discovered the world of bird photography and I outfitted myself with the best possible camera gear for small fast moving subjects .It didn’t take long until i expanded my focus to all wildlife.

“ MY LIFE’S ITINERARY IS SET BY NATURE’S BEAT.” I work out the best times to photograph a subject and organise my life around that with a deep commitment to conservation.


Technical Head


I am gurvinder singh .I am working in hospitality industry since long. I am a natural born people pleaser and nature lover personality .so whenever possible I like to get into wild jungles and explore and capture the real wildness with my camera. My love of wildlife started from a young age, learning to respect and care for wildlife conservation .

Only Last one year I have captured at least 240 species of birds and made wonderful images of them. My images represent an event that occurred in the wild something that I witnessed and recorded with my camera. My skill lies in interpreting and presenting this in a way that invokes beauty, mood and emotion with each moment captured. 


Starting early, a wildlife photographer in the making!

Dikshant sharma is the youngest member of our company. Ever eager to accompany us on birding expeditions,clicking photographs with his mobile. Very recently he has been gifted with a sony camera by his parents as a Diwali gift and we can look forward to his creativity through the lens emerging. Certainly,he is a wildlife photographer in the making. Or is he already one?

Dikshant’s love for wildlife began when he saved the chicks of ducks from the dogs in his neighbourhood. There has been no looking back ever since then. He has rescued numerous birds and other wildlife with his nimble hands coming handy. Aptly,we call him lovingly “ our young bird rescuer”.He says that saving animals bring charm to his life feeling enthusiastic from the bottom of his heart.He says that he wants to follow this passion by exploring and learning as much as he can.

Public Relation Head


Majid Imtiyaz did his graduation from Manipal University – Manipal in B.A.J.C with specialization in Film studies. Majid was also awarded as an A-grade Film direction student from ICE, Balaji Telefilms, Mumbai. Since then Majid has been doing Independent Filmmaking.
Besides, he also has been part of various Film
Institutes and Production houses in and around Mumbai including:
Balaji Telefilms
Fireworks Production
Ctrl S Entertainment


Promise you (Hindi Full length feature)
Sathiyo Chaliyo Khodaldham (Gujrati full length feature)
Children of Conflict – Short film C/O: KRACK PRODUCTIONS
Ugly redemption – Short film C/O: BALAJI TELEFILMS
Silent Kill – Short film C/O: SOC, MU
Why? – Short film C/O: SOC, MU
J Technology – Short film C/O: BALAJI TELEFILMS
Tere ma ka – Short film C/O: BALAJI TELEFILMS
Addiction – Short film C/O: BALAJI TELEFILMS
Psycho Killer – Short film C/O: SOC, MU
Never say no to school – Tele film C/O: BALAJI TELEFILMS

Tour Operator

Rick Toor

Udata panchhi se iss dil ko..panaah kahaan…
Jahaan panaah iss rab ki Jahaan kahaan…

Drawn to birds since childhood…had forgotten about my passion…a turn in life when I was bed ridden and my winged friends made a reentry in to my life…and passion became my calling…Have found my God my calling my life my essence in Birds…