About Us

WildBox is india’s trustworthy travel and photography company,offering high quality hiking,trekking and photography – oriented travel and other services.

As India’s first full-fledged photography-equipment rental service and leading provider of photography workshops,Photo Tours,Kids Events,Camera Rentals and Personalised Vacations. WildBox is a one-stop shop for photography professionals, mountaineers and enthusiasts alike, serving as a catalyst of excellence to help thousands discover the joy of travel and self expression.



We are specialized in wildlife tours, trekking ,hiking and travelling, organizing and leading groups of enthusiasts to uncommon destinations, with the aim of enjoying wildlife and nature, to bring home mind-blowing experiences, stunning images and increasing awareness of our beautiful universe .
All our tours are guided by a professional wildlife photographer, who knows the place and assists in providing the best chances to capture stunning photographs. we have best skilled guides and operators who make your photography more marvellous.
Come join our wide range of photography tour offerings. Let your creative juices flow. Feel fulfilled!



WildBox Safari Hats

This Safari Hat will come handy when you are out on a nature walk and other outdoor trails. Just slip it over your head and you are good to enjoy without worrying about the sun and heat.

Wildbox Lens Coats

Wildbox LensCoats offers your valuable equipment some protection from scrapes and bumps, preserving its resale value. It also helps break up the shape of your lens, making it less noticeable to wildlife.

Wildbox Rain Covers

Wildbox brings you the Ultimate Camo Rain Cover that protects our expensive equipment not only from Rain water and dust but also in harsh conditions like thunderstorm, heavy rainfall.


As a wildlife photographer, this is a must-have field accessory mounted to safari vehicles or Whether you are shooting from the ground, slick surfaces, railings, car doors, this bean bag will provide a reliable steadfast platform.

All of us are looking for a steady and sharp image and you cannot always rest your equipment on a tripod or any rough surface.